LA NOSTRA FILOSOFIA - our philosophy on wine

We hope you will enjoy our wines.

Being an Italian Osteria you will only find Italian wines to match our dishes. Mirco carefully chooses his wines to support local producers where possible.

Italian wine is not ordinary - we have more than 100 grapes grown. We seek out the most dynamic winemakers and the most interesting.

Natural and Organic is preferred, but never at the expense of quality or drinkability. You might find sediments in some of our wines because there might be minimal intervention on the wine.

We just serve the wines we like to drink ourselves and we can enjoy it by :

- Taster Glass (70ml / 2.37 oz)

- Glass (150ml / 5.07 oz)

- Quarter Carafe (250ml / 8.45 oz)

- Bottle (750ml / 25.36 oz)

Please don't hesitate to be guided on the choice for the right wine 


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